Usage of the ruler on my desk

desk drawing ruler scratch - 2107419904
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It's Shaped Like a Penis for a Reason

drawing drunk friend marker notes Pie Chart sharpie - 4470747904
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Likelihood That I Drew This Freehand

drawing likely Line Graph - 6578201344
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drawing embarrassment Pie Chart sandbags - 4328151808
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Things a five year old boy can get away with that I can't

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Things I Learned From Organic Chemistry

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Dry Erase Marker, Lipstick, Sharpie, Bodily Fluids

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Drawing Corgis in Four Easy Steps

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How to Draw a Horse

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It Can Still Go On the Fridge

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Is There Anything You Can't Do?

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What people say when I tell them I want to be a Medical Illustrator

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I Wish

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How I Learned to Draw

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When You Point, Stick Figures Look More Like Real People

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Why Didn't You Get It!

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