Things My Dog Is Afraid Of

dogs Pie Chart - 6593920000

Too Cute To Work

dogs Bar Graph puppies work cute - 7846034432

What Dogs Think You're Going To Do

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Created by Merry_May

Number of times my dog will stop and sniff on a walk

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Created by dogheadbuttchow

Things my dog does when it snows

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Created by Michelle_CAAAT

We Went Out for a Reason!

dogs pets Pie Chart pooping walk - 5316595200
Created by tehredheeler11

He Does That Cute Head Turn

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Things My Dog Will Bark At To Save My Life

bags bark birds dogs flashlight garbage life Pie Chart save vacuums - 2685875200
Created by silletta

They're Extremely Nutritious

diet dogs essays excuses pets Pie Chart - 4773655296
Created by Dragonjimd

Location of Taco Contents

contents dogs floor food Pie Chart plate shell stomach taco - 3183783424
Created by kodama7

For Further Explanation, I've Dog-Eared the Page in Your Text Books

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How happy a when i pet them

dogs people pets Bar Graph Cats animals - 6796182016
Created by damncatufunny

Pug Poses

best of week dogs poses yoga - 6368428032
Via Gemma Correll

No Wonder They're Always Napping

food dogs Pie Chart poop - 7875862528

Should I Sniff a Dog Butt?

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Created by buckles_b ( Via Bite )

cat dogs thoughts venn diagram - 3886552576
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