Marmaduke, U So Silly

dogs neighbors Pie Chart pooping watching - 4542212608
Created by lifehype

The Dog Is Trying to Kill Me

dogs pets scary stairs - 4896538368
Created by cobrabk

dogs food Pie Chart super bowl - 4407200768
Created by smellythepig

What Dogs Think You're Going To Do

dogs graphs funny Pie Chart - 7459644672
Created by Unknown

He's Just Trying to Help

annoying dogs venn diagram - 5998494976
Created by Unknown

books Death dogs old yeller Pie Chart - 4082021376
Created by fearmyminimight

Classic: Unconditional Love

Bar Graph cute dogs happy love - 4987152128
Created by Unknown

Fido Used Tailwhip, It's Super Effective!

dogs Pie Chart - 5633071104
Created by Unknown

When Walking My Dog...

poop jokes walking dogs - 5189005824
Created by Unknown

Petting Guide for Cats

dogs guide Cats - 6991148288
Via Tastefully Offensive

brain cute dogs dumb flow chart - 4015676416
Created by mr.qwerty

No Wonder They're Always Napping

food dogs Pie Chart poop - 7875862528
Created by Unknown

He Does That Cute Head Turn

animals cute dogs Pie Chart TV - 5156483328
Created by Unknown

Whose Bed Is This?

bed dogs sleeping venn diagram - 5774599424
Created by 34576473

Happiness of your Dog vs. How long you've been gone.

dogs happiness minutes time - 2313007360
Created by Unknown

The world as my dachshund sees it

bark birds dogs eat leaves poop roll venn diagram world - 2497832192
Created by Unknown
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