Navigating a Large Convention

day path - 6961626880
By kitteh_pleaz (Via Columnfivemedia)

Things people do with joke-a-day calendars

calendar day joke one open Pie Chart read - 2897895936
By Nuetch

How Much I Want Something

buy day first month store want - 1657579264
By MeinHandiKatzen

Chances of going first on presenting your school project.

Bar Graph crappy day finish first forgot home partner project school - 2666117888
By Zohnny

Snow Day Cycle

cancelled classes complain cycle day flowchart learn little mistake night snow - 3198044160
By HankDitko

How Often A Device Will Work

always break day device fix Line Graph never normal person show work - 2523560960
By Unknown

Bar Graph boring day elementary school exams high school last middle school normal Party school test - 3574626816
By frankenputer

Doorbells Are Always Scary

Bar Graph day fun Home Alone night sounds - 4810811904
By Tarkania

Me Missing Work vs. Boss Noticing

bar graphs boss day early image late long lunch minutes missing normal work working - 3059204864
By dcalive

Level of exitement of vacation in the eyes of a child

before child day excitement eyes Line Graph long month planning vacation - 2531087360
By TacoMan72

When people say 'Can this day get even worse?'

day Pie Chart - 6704665088
By Maxspeed

I'm a Night Owl

day morning night Pie Chart - 5302914560
By yukiyo89

Chances of it snowing more than an inch

day off Pie Chart school weekend - 3130734848

Things to do during Winter Break

break day entertainment Line Graph nothing week winter - 3039047936
By AliciaJewel

Times of the Day

time day night - 6674480128
Via Fbatsh

All That Soda Doesn't Help

day horror movies pee Pie Chart soda - 5652999936
By Unknown
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