Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

Five-year-olds think cats are...

Cats cute kids mine pets soft - 1479323904
By cattieloves

Re-Plotted: Just Toss Some Catnip in a Cardboard Box

Bar Graph cat cute toys - 4904079872
By Unknown

Uncomfortable Compliments

Babies basic cute girlfriend uncomfortable wedding - 2299137792
By sticky_feet

Movie Kid Pyramid

creepy Movie cute pyramid - 7044656640

The Challenges of Pet Photography

batteries button camera cute finger Line Graph pets photography room waiting - 2956083200
By tr1c14

He Does That Cute Head Turn

animals cute dogs Pie Chart TV - 5156483328
By Unknown

Adorable and Delicious

coffee cute stereotypes - 5016238336
By Unknown

Goat Anatomy

anatomy goat cute animals - 7132794880
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I Can Has Summer Back?

cute lolcats yearbook - 5157215744
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animals cat creepy cute Line Graph - 4795718400
By Unknown

Puppy vs. Old Man

cute old men puppies - 5938690304
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how girls react to boy wearing axe

Bar Graph boys cologne commercials cute girls gross interest KISS real life reality - 2606324736
By SoiJoi

Responses I get when walking my dachshunds

cute dogs Pie Chart question responses serious walking - 2675880704
By veggiefry

You Sound Like a Bozo

cute pet Pie Chart talking - 4468698368
By Unknown

I'm Afraid the Damage is Permanent

cute - 4994759168
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Yes, All Dogs Are Green

children cute dogs food lies Pie Chart - 4306751232
By jmoskwa99
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