Crapping Has Never Been More Satisfying

bathroom crap Pie Chart poop vacation - 5794502656
By Dhesyca

What I Hate in the World

children choir crap disney channel elementary school hannah montana hate pop songs singing terrible venn diagram voices world - 3019021056
By graphmalz

awesome Awkward Bar Graph container crap drink full hand junk food pringles snacks stuck - 3364292352
By jchausse

Where my cat decides to lay down

alone Area bag Bar Graph before behind cars cat clothes clothing crap dogs down grass jeans legs package post path people Pie Chart shorts tree venn diagram walk without - 3055259648
By surillo

We Put Crap on Your Crap, So You Can Watch Crap While You're Watching Crap

crap mtv yo dawg - 5511748864
By engleshen

Likelihood that my opinion will seriously anger people

American Idol anger Bar Graph crap gay marriage hack hate metal opinions people silly taylor swift twilight - 3099746304
By Tipsy_the_Drunken_Fairy


cheap children clothes crap hobo screaming Walmart - 2954526464
By dragyngirl