On a Mac, No Less

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Created by Unknown

The Faster You Click, The Faster You Fix It

broken computer mouse Pie Chart the simpsons - 4560960256
Created by Ballsackistan

What Logic Is This?

internet computer - 7712084480
Created by SackBlade

The Flight of the Worker Bee

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Every Time

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Created by funky3000

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Created by absolutelyQT

computer mouse Pie Chart - 3885673728
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It's an Experience

computer movies theater - 5205872384
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Ctrl Alt Delete

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Created by S.P.A-Bits ( Via Bite )

In Terms You Can Understand

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Created by Unknown

Click Here! You Just Won a Free Virus!

annoying blame computer parents Pie Chart problems - 4697490944
Created by Unknown

Why I don't have a boyfriend

forever alone single computer Pie Chart - 6746992384
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People who bring their computer into a repair shop

computer problems professional repair tech support - 2184701184
Created by digitalmaniak3k

The Data Sutra

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Every Time!

computer Pie Chart - 5768494336
Created by Unknown
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