An Incredible Machine for Stalking Your Ex

computer infographic internet procrastination - 4757490432
Via My Confined Space

Posters on Online Political Forums

computer conservatives forums internet online Pie Chart political reasonable trolls - 3193863168
By JohnnyReb27

Every Time

computer internet wifi - 5855956480
By Unknown

What Laptops are Used For

bed computer internet laptop new school work - 3155915520
By KimiGryphon

When I Backup My Computer

computer piechart - 6531439104
By StarsHallelujah

The Faster You Click, The Faster You Fix It

broken computer mouse Pie Chart the simpsons - 4560960256
By Ballsackistan

Why I don't have a boyfriend

forever alone single computer Pie Chart - 6746992384
By Unknown

And Occasionally Making Graphs...

cell phones computer expensive internet laptop Pie Chart umbrella - 6427353856
By Walkerville

Chances of Quick Load of Youtube Videos

computer load quick refresh seconds slow time videos youtube - 2219021056
By Unknown

computer Pie Chart telephone - 4035823360

What Logic Is This?

internet computer - 7712084480
By SackBlade

You open a new tab when mum walks in

computer internets mom Pie Chart pr0n - 6536380672
By Unknown

What My grandparents do on their $1000 Computer

computer expensive games Pie Chart useful - 3172752128
By qwerty121

6 Things Your Brain Won't Tell You

ipad success computer health brain video games - 6827278592
Via Bite

Results of Searching YouTube for my Favourite Song

computer internet rock band search Songs video games youtube - 2316715776
By Unknown

how trying to find a file online goes

broken computer find flowchart google internet link online wait yahoo answers - 3228984576
By iwantzchezburger
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