The Data Sutra

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how trying to find a file online goes

broken computer find flowchart google internet link online wait yahoo answers - 3228984576
By iwantzchezburger

How polite people are

Bar Graph comments commute computer facebook friends internet people social networking youtube - 3030890240
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When I Backup My Computer

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What Computer Science Degree?

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You open a new tab when mum walks in

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It's an Experience

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How big people want objects to be

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Probability of your browser freezing

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By darkwulf

cat chart art computer homework - 3955593216
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The chance my Boss will walk into my office vs. What's on my screen

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Always When You Haven't Saved For Three Hours

computer crash homework - 5440016128
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bless you computer Pie Chart sick sneeze - 3744668416
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On the subject of Grammatical Errors...

complain computer errors grammar hypocrites internet - 2315561216
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Ctrl Alt Delete

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Computer Maintenance Steps

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