Real Life Etiquette

fork etiquette computer - 7768193280
Created by Unknown

And Occasionally Making Graphs...

cell phones computer expensive internet laptop Pie Chart umbrella - 6427353856
Created by Walkerville

What Laptops are Used For

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Created by KimiGryphon

Always When You Haven't Saved For Three Hours

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Created by Unknown

You Accursed Device!

best of week computer - 6423111936
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Time Spent on the Computer

bills channels computer internet pay research shopping time weather - 1970854144
Created by buncatsmom

Time on Computer Spent

ads computer load Pie Chart time waiting website - 2596274432
Created by Jenky

cat chart art computer homework - 3955593216
Created by Unknown

Other People's Responses to the fact that I am a Computer Science Major

college computer fix good major numbers Pie Chart university - 2643124224
Created by lucyrickyalex

If It Were Alive I'd Put It Out of Its Misery

computer family - 5695809536
Created by Ethan

The Data Sutra

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Via Jim Benton

On a Mac, No Less

computer geek movies not Pie Chart - 5048340224
Created by Unknown

The Faster You Click, The Faster You Fix It

broken computer mouse Pie Chart the simpsons - 4560960256
Created by Ballsackistan

How big people want objects to be

bar graphs big car computer huge large phone small TV - 2951154688
Created by P3nguinzrul3Z

Computer Maintenance Steps

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Via Pleated Jeans

Internet Dating

attractive computer dating internet picture ugly - 2099341056
Created by Unknown
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