Bar Graph commercials paranoia - 3938390784
By Madigan17

What Cinnamon Toast Ceral Commercials Teach Kids

breakfast cereal commercials eat eating friends important Pie Chart teach - 3247525888
By gigglemonster8

It's a Familiar Taste

animation cereal commercials delicious milk Pie Chart - 4363615744
By jsrfmaniac

And This Supposed to Make Me Want to Take It?

drugs commercials Pie Chart - 5241380096
By Unknown

commercials forget fridge pause Pie Chart TV - 3367785728
By maz-o


commercials couch dancing Pie Chart reality - 4245737984
By Unknown

False Advertising!

advertising commercials Pie Chart television - 4613165824
By KiddoxMe

Television Volume

clever commercials graphs situational humor TV - 1658804480
By dp7

Things you notice from a Viagra commercial

ads commercials doctor medicine men sexual side effects TV - 1870652160
By Spensaur

No, Don't Tell Me What You Like!

commercials mom Pie Chart tampons television - 4249159680

Chance of commercial break inturupting a story on CNN

cnn commercials economy interesting news story swine flu TV war - 2169345280
By keybo93

I Swear, Windows 7 Was Not My Idea!

checking commercials computers flow chart problems windows - 4574650368
By Aquaras

Watching a movie on TV

Ad commercials movies Pie Chart TV - 6548657152
By Unknown

Society's Tolerance of Sexism

beer commercials politics sitcoms society work - 1708266240
By quietus6

Talking speed in parts of medicine commercials

ask commercials doctor fast medicine normal side effects slow speed talking - 3211100672
By David_the_Bored

Taco Bell's 4th meal

ads appearance burgers commercials eat fast food fat food obese package post real life size taco bell TV - 3311174912
By SuperErin
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