Things that start with "No offense but..."

classic comments mean offensive Pie Chart - 6351413248
By daniandan

Types of comments on Youtube

comments gay Pie Chart suck youtube - 2739305216
By Unknown

How polite people are

Bar Graph comments commute computer facebook friends internet people social networking youtube - 3030890240
By hakkujin

The Power of the Peanut Gallery

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My time spent on YouTube:

comments youtube Pie Chart - 7099277056
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

Youtube Comments

comments youtube trolls Pie Chart - 7032747008
By Unknown

Comments on the New Youtube Comment Section

comments Pie Chart youtube - 7896847104
By flame965

My God Is the Best God

Bar Graph comments god Memes meta - 5158989056

I Expect Nothing Less From The Comments Below

comments flow chart grammar nazi self referential - 5528205056
By Steelsammy

Non Capisco Italiano

comments english italian Pie Chart youtube - 4444912896
By Pas_Qual

Oh God, They're Going to Freak Out Over 'Everye'

comments Pie Chart self referential - 5796220160
By Unknown

I'm Twelve and What Is This?

comments joke Pie Chart - 5195490560
By Unknown

5 Burgers If You Agree!!!1!1

burgers comments jokes Pie Chart youtube - 4434208512
By Erazer

Online comments

comments forums gay internet numbers posts relevance websites youtube - 1994451200
By goomb

Probability Someone Will Insult Religion if They are

atheist Bar Graph comments forums gay insults internet religion - 2425522944
By somejsmith

And Amount of Trolls? Limitless

comments like trolls venn diagram videos youtube - 5763329536
By Unknown
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