The Gift That Keeps on Giving...

caffeine school addiction college Pie Chart engineer - 5341764352
By Unknown

Big Bang Theory IRL

big bang theory college IRL physics Pie Chart truancy story - 5580059392
By FearRegret

Bar Graph bored college notes - 3752270592
By Unknown

Can You Write Me a Poem?

college english major Pie Chart poetry truancy story - 5593878272
By Franklinad

And They Complain About Running Out of Time...

class college Pie Chart Professors truancy story - 5682281216
By Unknown

I Make How Much an Hour?!

Bar Graph college job salary - 5223241472
By StarsHallelujah

Starving Artist

school major college Pie Chart - 5286408448
By Unknown

Items in college dorm rooms

college dorm items present room venn diagram - 2693093376
By toph3r818

And What Comes Afterwards?

college FRIDAY Pie Chart Rebecca Black teenagers - 4558770176
By Unknown

Reasons I Majored in Engineering

major college Pie Chart - 6923357184
By Unknown

Things I wish for my four year old

believe child college happy Pie Chart stop without word world - 2507709696
By adoptingjoseph

High School Perception of College

booze college exams high school parties perception sex stress studying university years - 3179360768
By Unknown


college dating Pie Chart studying TV university - 6595667200
By hmc1010

The Breakfast of Champions

beer breakfast college Pie Chart ramen students truancy story - 5868210432
By atruestoryfiend

When My Printer Runs Out of Ink

school ink college printer - 6789346816
By _Justin_

The Importance of Nap Time

class college high school kindergarten naps sleeping - 2033122560
By cmoney345
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