I Probably Shouldn't Buy That, But...

coffee Pie Chart Starbucks - 6386783488
Created by mightymango13331

Chance I'll Get Caught by a Red Light

coffee driving graphjam graphs situational humor traffic transportation - 1703835392
Created by museonfire

Contents of Half-n-Half

coffee contents - 1860247296
Created by Ragnarok777

Escape! Escape!

coffee chocolate flow chart - 7748286208
Via Owlturd

Do You Also Get Bored In Meetings?

circles coffee venn diagram work - 5252149760

The Philosophy of Coffee

philosophy coffee bitter - 7652841984
Created by macshonle

coffee cold cool drinks food hot Line Graph mother package post Pie Chart sex sugar visit vodka - 3552546304
Created by AsylumDolly


beer Chart coffee funny after 12 g rated - 7852864768

Coffee Venndor

coffee delicious espresso venn diagram - 3932647680
Created by Artist: David Staffell

Monday Morning

snack work websites morning coffee - 6791802880
Via Sarah Lazarovic

The T-Rex Will Know

coffee dinosaurs flow chart work - 5975650816

Which States Love Starbucks the Most?

best of week coffee company Maps Starbucks states us - 6436895232
Via I Love Coffee

The Four Food Groups of a College Grad

best of week booze coffee college gum Pie Chart ramen - 6074236672
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Contents of a McDonald's Iced Coffee

coffee contents drink ice McDonald's Pie Chart - 2737580544
Created by Spoonmaster

Luke Warm Coffee is a Buzzkill

water coffee food - 7819758080
Created by mbbatz

Coffee Awesomeness

coffee cold delicious drinks gross hot temperature - 3692591616
Created by DarylM
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