Things my school spends money on

advertising coffee floor gym kids money Pie Chart room school spending sports - 2889502464

coffee cold cool drinks food hot Line Graph mother package post Pie Chart sex sugar visit vodka - 3552546304
By AsylumDolly

Classic: It's All Caffeine to Me

coffee drinks espresso - 4987019520
By Unknown

Reasons why I am currently alive

alive busy caffeine coffee sleep - 6528382464
By Unknown

Chance I'll spill coffee on myself, by color of my shirt

Bar Graph black blue brown chance coffee color drink shirt spill white - 3017113856
By geiiga

Chance of Bathroom Being Occupied

bathroom chance coffee morning toilet - 1703616768
By anjrued123

And No In-Between

coffee cold hot Pie Chart - 5386867200

Coffee Consumption Vs. Typing Ability

Line Graph typing coffee - 7060876544
By Unknown

It's Witchcraft that Keeps Them So Hot

Starbucks coffee temperature - 7840430592
Via jack-andsally

At No Point Is It Drinkable

coffee cold drink lava Line Graph - 5750053888
By Davus55

Just Make More Coffee

coffee flow chart Office - 6074766336
By ericb321

Monday Morning

snack work websites morning coffee - 6791802880
Via Sarah Lazarovic

A Burnt Tongue is the Sign of a True Coffee-Addict

beverages food coffee Chart - 7939629056
By Unknown

Escape! Escape!

coffee chocolate flow chart - 7748286208
Via Owlturd

Signs you drink too much coffee

drinking caffeine sugar coffee Pie Chart - 6964365312
By markot9

Coffee Awesomeness

coffee cold delicious drinks gross hot temperature - 3692591616
By DarylM
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