Coffee Consumption Vs. Typing Ability

Line Graph typing coffee - 7060876544
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What is Running Through My Head At Work

coffee FRIDAY lunch thoughts work - 1637306112
Created by LLCat

When you will sneeze

always Bar Graph boiling coffee hand hot never nose sneeze - 2809765376
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Enjoyment of coffee

cold Line Graph fickle coffee temperature - 6872370688
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Chance of Bathroom Being Occupied

bathroom chance coffee morning toilet - 1703616768
Created by anjrued123

Classic: It's All Caffeine to Me

coffee drinks espresso - 4987019520
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Monday Morning

snack work websites morning coffee - 6791802880
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beer Chart coffee funny after 12 g rated - 7852864768
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Coffee Awesomeness

coffee cold delicious drinks gross hot temperature - 3692591616
Created by DarylM

Coffee Zodiac

coffee late personality - 7667283968

The Four Food Groups of a College Grad

best of week booze coffee college gum Pie Chart ramen - 6074236672
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Like Coffee? Then Major in a Field That Drinks a Lot of It!

wtf jobs coffee funny - 7899741952
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Reasons why I am currently alive

alive busy caffeine coffee sleep - 6528382464
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A Burnt Tongue is the Sign of a True Coffee-Addict

beverages food coffee Chart - 7939629056
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Probability of Things Being Cold After Leaving Them out for 5 Minutes

Bar Graph beer coffee cold left minutes out soda - 2623598848
Created by alphag

What's Your Literary Coffee Choice?

coffee Chart literature school - 7906625280
Created by Unknown
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