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By Us

Where my cat decides to lay down

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By surillo

Wearing Sweatpants With Uggs Should Be Illegal

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Via College Humor

Royal Rainbow

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By Unknown

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By YourFriendlyNeighborhoodGrammarNazi

Not as Sexy as You Thought

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By redrover1988

"I'm With Stupid" Shirts

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By chezzxpert101

Or, None of the Above

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By Unknown


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By eyeveewhy

Probability of Food Spill in Terms of Shirt Price

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By crazyninjanick

What my 3 year old wears in any given 24 hour period

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By MSAerochick

When newborns puke

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By izfunneh

What stars do with their newfound fame

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By xonadiatarabara

What I do when people compliment my shirt

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By redzoo13

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By marseeah
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