How Often Do You See Someone Carrying a Carpet?

carpet cleaning moving murder paranoia Pie Chart - 4767110912
By nataliemilo

This Sucks

Pie Chart vacuums house cleaning - 5373478400
By random_spaz

amount of paint in the brush

Bar Graph cleaning paint painting - 2451638016
By peteyoung

Cats cleaning hair vacuum - 3490725376
By neeners03

What I do when cleaning my room

cleaning nostalgia graphs funny - 7440784640
By Unknown

Time Spent Cleaning Room

cleaning nostalgia memories room Pie Chart - 7001222912
By zigguratmat

I'd Love Some Cereal Right Now

best of week breakfast cereal cleaning dishes flow chart - 6256838912
Via Twice Shy

Things I Do When Making Brownies

cleaning brownies chocolate food Pie Chart - 7050873856
By Unknown

How time is spent at a Port-a-John

Bar Graph bathroom breath cleaning pants seat standing touching - 2292939520
By ten-eight-cious

You Find So Much Good Stuff

cleaning nostalgia room - 7374503424
By zigguratmat

Real Military Job Breakdown

breakdown cleaning job military real - 2945306112
By dexterdude87

My Best Friend Gave Me That Gum Wrapper!

cleaning mom trash venn diagram - 4964524032
By GraceJediHeart

That's Why I Use Paper Plates

cleaning dishes Pie Chart sink - 5416674304
By lordnex

This Is Not Your Bachelor Pad, Boo

chores cleaning infographic - 4871534080
By Unknown

Things Swept Up With Broom

cleaning frustrations Pie Chart - 7055950336
By Unknown

cleaning hiding Pie Chart room wrapping paper - 4268855040
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