Or If There's Only a Little Milk in the Carton

cereal clean flow chart food milk wash - 4974734080

What older people really mean when they describe a black guy as "clean cut"

act beard black clean cut facial hair guy neat old people sideburns - 1775510272
Created by viscera_eyes

Proximity of Kleenex Box by Situation

Bar Graph box bug clean drink empty glasses sneeze spill - 3221826560
Created by FordManGuy

Number of times hands washed daily

clean fast food hands ocd wash - 1483493120
Created by nitrokitty

When I Get The Most Housework Done

clean weekends rush Pie Chart - 6836876544
Created by kveprek

Reasons to own a Roomba

animals Cats clean floor love roomba technology vacuums - 2054432512
Created by dzseb

clean gross hands Pie Chart sticky - 4099350272
Created by Unknown

What I do while waiting for my toast to pop up

butter clean Hall of Fame kitchen Pie Chart stare toaster waiting - 2906192128
Created by lolover

When I Need to Poop

clean poop jokes - 7275581952
Created by Unknown

Likelihood of my parents dropping by for a surprise visit

apartment Bar Graph bottle boxes clean dirty girlfriend minutes parents pizza sex surprise underwear visit - 2947428352
Created by Unknown

Things that the Pinball Wizard does

clean Music play smell wizard - 2019398912
Created by Unknown

How long something will stay on a roof

ball Bar Graph clean leaves man stay tennis - 2731682304
Created by Kitteh_is_angreh

College Laundry

clean clothes college dirty laundry months seasons - 3638050560
Created by Unknown

Bar Graph bathtub burn clean - 3801024512
Created by Unknown

Dirty Socks

clean clothes Pie Chart puns socks - 4559394048
Created by chin415

Kills 99% of Nerves

99 clean hand sanitizer Pie Chart - 4308707072
Created by nikkiloveshbk
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