Methods of translating words from English to Spanish

class english friend latin Pie Chart remember spanish word - 3125177088
By DisSleeper

Fundamental Differences

bathrooms boyfriend class food girlfriend morning p33n school sleep work - 1811327232
By Unknown

Raising Your Hand in Class

best of week class flow chart school truancy story - 5976046592
Via Dog House Diaries

Maybe It's Because Students Are Becoming Progressively Worse

class Pie Chart teachers truancy story - 5559926528
By doctorseaweed

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By Mugsie

When You Look At Your Cell Phone

alone bored busy cell phone checking class friend lecture look Pie Chart time yelling - 2919905024
By UbiquitousPhantom

Volume of my Alarm Clock

alarm Bar Graph class clock morning nap ready shower time volume - 3283975936
By Unknown

When do I play games on my Phone ?

games class school phone Pie Chart - 6751414016
By Unknown

Pfft, I Find Slopes All the Time

algebra class math Pie Chart - 4936937984

When I get sick

Bar Graph class concert during sick summer weekend - 3140110592
By Unknown

It's Not Like You Have Anything Else Important, Right?

class homework Pie Chart Professors school time - 5444232448
By Unknown

You Can Always Leave at the Break

class school - 4624832768
Via College Humor

automatic Bar Graph bathroom camera class line mirror package post pee Pie Chart poop school water - 3597479424

Twenty Minutes Until Class? No Problem

class essays Line Graph school writing - 5967856640
By Unknown

What Makes Me Fall Asleep Immediately

asleep Bar Graph bed class couch fall homework lying school - 3160911872
By Tanvir


class coffee jerks school venn diagram - 4475275776
By Unknown
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