Replotted: The Sad Reality

batman children employment Pie Chart unemployment - 5604776704
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children cursing language video games work - 1880305408
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Reasons Why I've feared for my life on a plane

airport bathroom children emergency fear kids plane - 1789198592
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Purposes of people in mascot suits

children cry sports teams - 2105363200
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Location of childrens legos in the House.

box children floor foot house legos location - 2346756352
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Bar Graph children nap parents sleeping - 3821611520
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Memory Capabilities of a 4-year-old

children memory sharing swear words toddlers - 3699243776
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When you look at your children at the playground

children fall hurt look Pie Chart screaming swear words - 3222737408
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Children and Vacations

Travel Travel children children vacation vacation - 7670484736
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Child's Estimate of Parents' IQ

adult age children IQ Line Graph parents teenage - 2517288704
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From a Child's Perspective

christmas holiday kissing santa mom parents children Pie Chart - 6881321472
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Sounds About Right

cops talk children - 7782853376
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children choir fake kids mouth open Pie Chart singing - 3608905216
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Sad movies

adults children Pie Chart - 6865099264
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What My Local News Station Reports

accidents activity cancer children common food good kill news people Pie Chart reports video games weather - 2955048448
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What I Hate in the World

children choir crap disney channel elementary school hannah montana hate pop songs singing terrible venn diagram voices world - 3019021056
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