Politicians' promises

Bar Graph cancer cure election politicians - 2535171328
Created by AskMax108

Something Doesn't Seem Right

best of week cancer Death Line Graph money war - 5285670400

You'd Better Sit Down...

cancer Death doctor flow chart webmd - 5766423040
Created by From Brock

And a Well-Made Toy!

cancer McDonald's obesity Pie Chart toy - 4272467712
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No Cure for the Common Cancer

cancer cold google Pie Chart webmd - 4494490368
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When You're Gonna Die

cancer Death life Line Graph - 6352086784
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Captain Planet: Friend or Foe?

cancer captain planet monster Pie Chart radiation superpowers - 4224933120

What My Local News Station Reports

accidents activity cancer children common food good kill news people Pie Chart reports video games weather - 2955048448
Created by issueswithgravity

Riding The Movember Bandwagon Synergy, For a Cure!

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Created by Sharky10


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Via Autoentropy

Current Science Research Budget

alien Bar Graph budget cancer cure current gadgets internet life people research science swine flu TV weird - 2401440000
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what radiation deos in comics/cartoons

cancer cartoons comics cool kill mutant radiation - 3262959872
Created by tuiteyfruity