Why are you buying a new iPhone?

apple buying iphone 5 Pie Chart - 6584879104
By Emmer (Via Just Say Mehbe )

Why buying a car sucks.

buying car carry family minivans reasonable suck vehicles venn diagram want - 2605935616
By fdsao

Pay and Get Played

buying movies Pirate - 5101968896
By Epicluce

Why People Use Self-Checkout at the Grocery Store

buying embarassed faster grocery store Pie Chart self checkout - 3175817216
By carielie

At gamestop

buying video games - 6545647360
By Rage_Machine

Never Ending Cycle of Costing You Money

buying headphones money - 5573864192
By brony_pilgrim

Feelings About Monopoly Over Time

board games break buying car cool hours kill Line Graph monopoly suck - 2897872128
By saragor13

Time Spent Skiing

actually buying drinking Pie Chart sitting skiing time waiting - 3160945920
By hayleyjane

Every Time

buying grocery stores - 6301082880
Via Showers With Sharks