It's Worse if You Stand Next to Something Ruffly

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Via The High Definite

The Amount of Girl Gamers on World of Warcraft

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Created by staridragon

Things my roommates' freeloader boyfriend eats.

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Created by Erfan

Prove It!

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Level of Dedication Vs Kind of Boyfriend

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Odds that my Roommate Will be Going at it with Her Boyfriend

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She's Got a Huge... Personality

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We Were Going to Be Life Partners

Awkward boyfriend Pie Chart - 5083290112
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Reason why women go see 'X-men origins: Wolverine'

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Created by leia_nog

Things my boyfriend writes meaningless crap on vs. their importance

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What World of Warcraft players desperately need

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Created by WalRoss

Fundamental Differences

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Replotted: Have You Gotten Divorced Yet?

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Created by ktnewport

My Bisexual What?

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Created by TooUnoriginal

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Created by kel3090
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