Chance of your Boss being fired

Bar Graph boss evil fired fun - 2497487104
By raadec

The chance my Boss will walk into my office vs. What's on my screen

ads boss computer Office technology work - 1412851968
By Unknown

Chances of Bumping Into Your Boss

boss call church grocery stores mall sick work - 1944993536
By capelady

The Worst Office Ever

boss Maps Office the worst work - 6175774720
Via Pleated Jeans

Rolling Stone

boss lyrics Pie Chart - 4685207552
By TheN1kolai

Translation Guide Fixed for Work

boss Chart work language - 7876125952
By Unknown

boss Pie Chart video games - 3968574720
By Unknown

boss doctors medical Pie Chart sex soap opera TV - 3602991616

The Job Paradox

boring boss commute decent job salary venn diagram - 2707495680
By Unknown

Panic Like a Ninny

boss FAIL fear Pie Chart video games zelda - 4699900928
By gameboy13

Me Missing Work vs. Boss Noticing

bar graphs boss day early image late long lunch minutes missing normal work working - 3059204864
By dcalive

Who's the Boss?

80s boss TV - 1636817152
By Mayor

How many bullets people can take in a movie

amount Bar Graph boss evil movies - 2715271424
By H3nQ

My Job

boss job tool work - 2104017664
By Unknown

Universal Management Flow Chart

boss flow chart work - 6016833536
By Benjamin F Jones (Via graphitebunny)

Amount of times my boss uses the F word

boss curse words microsoft work - 1512638208
By Unknown
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