When you work on summer reading

bored boring happiness Line Graph package post Pie Chart reading school summer time vacation - 3404009216
Created by Unknown

The Most Startling Alarm

asleep bored message Pie Chart - 5258821120
Created by brigetteb

Frozen Meals

bored dying eating facebook food frozen ghosts Heat information meals movies Music pac man package post Pie Chart plot random talking the simpsons updates useful video games - 3145362688
Created by graphjamusername

When You Look At Your Cell Phone

alone bored busy cell phone checking class friend lecture look Pie Chart time yelling - 2919905024
Created by UbiquitousPhantom

The 8 Stages of a Bath

bathing bathtub bored TV - 6260475392
Created by S.P.A-Bits ( Via Bite )

The Brutal Cycle of Manufactured Need

want bored phones graph - 7706572288
Via Sarah L

Let's Eat

bored hungry lies Pie Chart - 4775009536
Created by Unknown

Graph Boredom

bored - 2432554240
Created by Kraygh

There Goes That Bag of Chips

bored eating hungry Pie Chart - 5026153472
Created by Crunkstardre

The Sweet Sound of Time Ticking Away

choir bored clock Pie Chart - 7976900864
Created by Unknown

Bar Graph bored college notes - 3752270592
Created by Unknown

bored electricity Pie Chart - 3839772160
Created by Unknown

Eating Isn't Productive?

bored eat Pie Chart - 5298454784
Created by brandinosaur