Don't Be a Nerd

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By andreaaaaaxoxoxo

Calendar of Meaningful Dates

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By Unknown

I actually learned that BEFORE Harry Potter.

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By dolf1nluvr

I Expect More From You Guys

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Composition of my 25 page research paper.

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Books I Hate

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By watergurl

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By ittehbittehkitteh

Words that Rhyme With 'Noodle'

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By TheCapm

Working the Info Desk at the Bookstore:

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By tziva

Snuggie, it's the Blanket with Sleeves!

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By lbr218

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By amtn30

How Students Take Online Quizzes

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By Cerebellum

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By julio_wrathchild

Homes of Classic Literature

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By neomam (Via

Well, This Is Depressing

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Via Millions Millions
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