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Debra! Go Out of my Laboratory!

best of week Pie Chart - 5675707648
Created by Unknown

Warning, Science Ahead!

best of week Chemistry evolution periodic table - 6035129600
Created by Unknown

How Much Gas Do I Actually Have?

best of week car driving gas - 5741347328
Created by WiNGSPANTT

How Do I Walk With This Thing?

best of week girls guys peetimes Pie Chart - 5120876800
Created by greyfox24

Re-Replotted: That's Racist!

best of week india international replotted thats-racist - 5595880192
Created by TheTrainerH

Maybe If Some Aliens Bothered To Enter...

Aliens beauty pageant best of week earth Pie Chart winners - 5479454976
Created by Unknown

Wikipedia. Now 98% Accurate!

accuracy best of week learning school wikipedia - 6061471232
Created by Unknown

Hey, I Made a Chart

anxiety best of week deadline Line Graph procrastination - 6148951296
Via Fed to Wolves

Xbox Live Users Take Note

best of week flow chart gay xbox live - 6257321472
Via It's Pronounced Metrosexual

Classic: It's a Trap!

best of week girls Pie Chart woman - 5799802880
Created by Unknown

Tips for Tipping

bars best of week guide restaurant - 6098980096
Via Pleated Jeans

Music Stars: Then and Now

best of week celeb Memes Music pop skrillex the biebs - 5916031232
Via Pleated Jeans

Every Girl Ever.

best of week forever alone gf girls relationships - 6185541888
Created by Unknown

I Was Creating Flowcharts Before it Was Cool

best of week flow chart hipster ironic - 5359055872
Via The Sunny Nihilist

Their Not Going to Get This One

best of week grammar Pie Chart their there theyre - 5466766592
Created by inestical

Classic: The Hips Aren't Hip

best of week face - 5762605312
Created by Norwegia
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