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So Many Countless Hours Spent Playing Final Fantasy

best of week final fantasy FPS Line Graph RPG video games - 5801559552
Via Loldwell

You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Angry

best of week mom mother parents Pie Chart scary trouble - 5517405952
By CheezandCrackers

CPR Instructions

best of week kissing safety - 5843632640
Via Pleated Jeans

Volley Ball Referee Signals

best of week olympics sports - 6488251904
Via Pleated Jeans

Classic: The Hips Aren't Hip

best of week face - 5762605312
By Norwegia

Why We Can't Have Nice Things?

best of week patrick Pie Chart sparta Sponge Bob Squarepants - 5416377600
By Unknown

Pokemon's Not So Lame Anymore, Is It, Eighth Grade Bullies?

best of week Line Graph middle school truancy story - 5672635904
By adetastres

How Do I Walk With This Thing?

best of week girls guys peetimes Pie Chart - 5120876800
By greyfox24

I'm Thirsty!

best of week - 5422716416
By meganeguard (Via Pleated Jeans)

Probably the First Person to Accidentally Lose a Limb With One Too

best of week college lightsaber physics Pie Chart science star wars - 6053688320
By Unknown

We Put a Table on Your Table

best of week - 5496848896
Via Pleated Jeans

Bountiful Treasure: Guys vs. Girls

best of week girls guys mall Maps Skyrim - 5483186944
By SirKilmoreRyan

Making Mistakes Is Part of Life, Especially Your Life

best of week mistakes nostalgia Pie Chart - 5839252224
By matadon

Your Voice Would Be High Pitch Too If Your Pants Were That Tight

best of week Pie Chart - 5611602176
By Unknown

Well, When They're Rapping About How Much Money They Have What Do They Expect?

best of week Music Pie Chart piracy - 5799955712
By Bendyrulz

LOL, How Do I Venn Diagram?

best of week Mitt Romney obama politics venn diagrams - 6402232064
By Riley (Via Upworthy)
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