Does That Happen Often?

scary bed - 4505260032
By Athenianz

Whose side of the bed is it really?

actually bed husband side sleep wife - 2768724736
By ryanobeirne

Where Do People Check Their Phones?

bathroom bed cell phones texting - 6359212032
Via Tech Crunch

What Happens When My Parents Wake Me Up

bed morning parents sleeping snooze button wake up - 6439408128
By Unknown

bed night Pie Chart sleeping wtf - 4444569088
By MorgieLikesSkittles

Contents of a Ford F150 Truck Bed

bed bird commercials contents dead leaves load truck venn diagram - 2456570624
By Kaptain

My level of alertness

awake Bar Graph bed class level sleep work zombie - 2703016448
By Unknown

It's So Warm and Soft

bed Pie Chart - 4802455808
By Unknown
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