The Devolution of Batteries

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Created by Unknown

I'm Gonna Have to Call You Ba--

batteries cell phone iphone Line Graph power - 4653624320
Created by jtanaka98

They're Self Charging Batteries!

batteries controller game Pie Chart video game xbox - 5834223616
Created by awwdamn

When iPod is fully charged:

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Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Why I'm Wearing Headphones

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Via Poorly Drawn Lines

What you do when the batteries for the TV remote die.

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Created by JasonBourne

You Weren't Planning on Using It Anyway, Were You?

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Just Once More, Please

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Created by rumblejumble

When Your Remote Is Low On Power:

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Incidentally, That's a Great Movie Title

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Cats vs. Robocats, by a Second Grade

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The Challenges of Pet Photography

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Created by tr1c14

What my fire alarm really does

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