Excuse me, where's the bathroom? If you're looking for toilet memes to clean out that potty mouth, you've come to the right place.

Bathroom Crimes

crime bathroom toothpaste - 7765943040
Created by Unknown

Replotted: Time to Go to the "Break Room"

angry birds bathroom Pie Chart work - 5647513088
Created by krii_bop

Time spent watching a movie

bathroom drink eating mouth movies phones Pie Chart plot Popcorn understand watching - 2366872320
Created by Unknown

bathroom Pie Chart roll Square toilet paper - 4330506240
Created by krytosss

Also, When I Realize I'm Out of Clean Towels

bathroom Pie Chart towel - 5414478080
Created by Unknown

Don't Forget To Check For Snakes/Spiders in the Toilet

bathroom Pie Chart - 7941996800
Created by markot9

The Scoop on Poop

poop facts bathroom infographic - 6952222464
Via Daily Infographic

When I read shampoo directions

bathroom graphs funny Pie Chart - 7491096064
Created by lobsterassassin

Chance of Bathroom Being Occupied

bathroom chance coffee morning toilet - 1703616768
Created by anjrued123


bathroom roommates flow chart - 6836770560
Via I Love Charts

bathroom Pie Chart pink floyd school teacher texting water - 4565991168
Created by Salinger78

When Guests Arrive

arrive bar graphs bathroom early late time - 3159387136
Created by HTiger

Uses of bathrooms in Harry Potter

Bar Graph bathroom fight Harry Potter plans secret use wizards - 3295525632
Created by Trap47

Wait For It

bathroom pee Pie Chart - 4637489408
Created by Unknown

Safe... This Time

bathroom pee Pie Chart - 5831468544
Created by Unknown

Where Do People Check Their Phones?

bathroom bed cell phones texting - 6359212032
Via Tech Crunch
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