bar graphs

Fear vs. Enemies in Zelda Games

bar graphs legend of zelda graphs video games funny - 7547276544
Created by mediacroc

Coming to Theaters Everywhere: Summer 2050.

bar graphs transportation cars graphs funny - 7648929024
Created by matrixcode

Context is Important

radio bar graphs ipod graphs funny - 4458012416
Created by Vilame

Me Missing Work vs. Boss Noticing

bar graphs boss day early image late long lunch minutes missing normal work working - 3059204864
Created by dcalive

When someone puts their seat back in an airplane

bar graphs graphs airplanes funny - 7639793152
Created by HalfLife3Confirmer

Reactions to a snowstorm

bar graphs reaction road snow weather - 3144453632
Created by Michelle_CAAAT

Need of roads based on location

bar graphs back to the future graphs funny - 7609779200
Created by Unknown

USB Sticks

bar graphs graphs funny - 7504682752
Created by Unknown

Doing Things

bar graphs crushes graphs funny - 7584443648
Created by SirShmink

When I'm alone and something creaks

bar graphs graphs funny - 7636265216
Created by Unknown

How far I can go in QWOP

bar graphs graphs funny - 7639763456
Created by Rayquaza932

The Game

the game bar graphs graphs funny - 4457871360
Created by Unknown

Talking speeds

adult bar graphs children fast radio slow spanish speed talking teenage TV - 3165188352
Created by sm9sn1

How cool you are if you own a Snuggie

average awesome bar graphs cool real life snuggie TV weird - 2998015744
Created by rinirae

How a man feels about peeing by location

bar graphs building feel feelings location man peeing side snow toilet - 2583243008
Created by chezzxpert101

When Guests Arrive

arrive bar graphs bathroom early late time - 3159387136
Created by HTiger
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