Mmmm bacon.... Whether it's a breakfast food or a late night snack, bacon is just delicious. Made from almost any meat and even tofu, bacon is a versatile food that everyone can enjoy. Whether you're a chewy or crunchy person these bacon memes and laughs will have you craving your favorite all day snack.

The keys to the internet's heart.

bacon internet venn diagram - 6524622080
Created by roflcopterdefenceforce

bacon delicious nutella Pie Chart - 4022547968
Created by Unknown

Causes for the fire alarm going off in my dorm room.

alarm bacon fire food smoking - 1773296896
Created by thisismyacct

No Bacon to Bring Home

bacon Pie Chart pizza - 4327278080
Created by NanoNic

bacon - 3797161728
Created by funnytihi

bacon food pyramid fruits Pie Chart - 4087905792

Pig Meat Addiction

delicious bacon - 7741299712
Created by Data207

Just Add Bacon... to Anything

bacon - 5609746176
Created by Micd00gs

Can I Just Order a Plate of Bacon?

bacon food Pie Chart sandwich - 4479627264
Created by geo1

Bacon Benefits

bacon delicious infographic pig - 3850040576
Created by Unknown

Mm, Bacon

bacon food meat Pie Chart - 4669263360
Created by Unknown

The Shaded Area is a Shout Out to all the Bloody Mary Lovers

alcohol venn diagram bacon - 7857982720
Created by Unknown

What I think of when Graph Jam says "Pick a Flavor"

bacon equation flavor graphjam Line Graph Pie Chart venn diagram - 2063929600
Created by hellojilli

Why I Love the South Beach Diet

diet bacon - 7754002176
Created by SirOwnzor

How to Find Bacon in a Car

bacon car gas - 5853851392
Created by lOljaysimpsons

Vegetarians Eat Green

bacon delicious green infographic meat pig - 4253320192
Created by Unknown
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