This Daylight "Savings" is Too Confusing

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By GonzoRulz

australia country Pie Chart - 3435320064
By BloodyBBQ

Why I'm Scared of Spiders

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By Methris

An American's Map of Australia

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By Sinnin

The Geek Guide to Traveling Australia

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By neomam (Via

Death Rolled by a Crocodile

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By wigga-pie

But What About Electric Sharks!

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By Unknown

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Didgeridoos

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By seriz

Australian Holidays in a Pinch

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By daniandan

Well, That Sounds Exciting

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By Commander_Epic_the_Great

Art of Trolling: Nothing, Nothing, and More Nothing

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By Unknown

America (as Labeled by an Australian)

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By Unknown