Times When I Tell a Good Joke

alone friends impress jokes - 2370725120
By sikthegreat

How I discovered I'm a loser

alone classroom desk empty school teacher - 2394412288
By xsaraspondax

Odds of Missing a Note on Guitar Hero

alone Bar Graph Guitar Hero impress missing notes rock band video games - 2623675648
By kate1738

Benefits of Living Alone

alone au natural Pie Chart privacy roommate - 2440982784
By Unknown

Elevator Death Ride, Party of One

alone Death elevator fear Pie Chart - 7912303360
By markot9

alone Bar Graph epic FAIL people watching wrong - 3613462272
By Bubdude123

Reasons wires get tangled

alone days empty know moving reason room - 2945102848
By Unknown

Where my cat decides to lay down

alone Area bag Bar Graph before behind cars cat clothes clothing crap dogs down grass jeans legs package post path people Pie Chart shorts tree venn diagram walk without - 3055259648
By surillo

The Flight of the Worker Bee

alone boss computer infographic Line Graph mouse Office - 4576701184
By Unknown

Flatulence Joy

alone end fart fear gas laugh Line Graph truck - 2497709312
By So-someone

That All Depends on How You Do Your Grocery Shopping

alone grocery pants Pie Chart scared - 6069576192
Via Dog House Diaries

When You Look At Your Cell Phone

alone bored busy cell phone checking class friend lecture look Pie Chart time yelling - 2919905024
By UbiquitousPhantom