Per Volume

alcohol drunk shame vodka volume - 6632421632
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Being a Responsible Adult

adult bus alcohol after 12 g rated - 7772247040

Judgment When Drinking

alcohol bad idea drinking good good idea sound venn diagram - 2608842752

Birthday Milestones

old alcohol birthday driving voting - 6870252032
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A Visual Guide to the Common Glasses at a Bar

beer guide alcohol glasses wine - 7833566208

It's the Only Costume You Need!

costume halloween Pie Chart drunk alcohol - 5364755968

What I have learned from being an archaeology undergrad

college beer alcohol pie charts school categoryimage - 6623853824

The Shaded Area is a Shout Out to all the Bloody Mary Lovers

alcohol venn diagram bacon - 7857982720

How Musicians In The 80's Spent Their Money

80s alcohol booze money Music musicians spending women - 2040269568
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College Flowchart

alcohol beer college dorm driving drunk flow chart flowchart - 4150249472
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Friends Don't Let Friends Facebook Drunk

alcohol facebook Line Graph status update - 5664217088
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Thanks Alcohol

alcohol best of week crush Line Graph relationship - 6185328896

Beer and Playing Pool

bar beer alcohol skill Line Graph pool - 6812410112
Via Bite

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A Wine Lover’s Guide To Europe [Infographic]

europe alcohol map wine - 7935984640
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My Enjoyment of Alcohol vs Time

alcohol Line Graph time Party - 6689878528
Created by IAmNotGonnaTellYou
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