Appeal of Twilight in relation to age of girl.

age girl Line Graph mom mother scary twilight - 2667985664
Created by EliCarro

How scared you get when someone jumps out and says "Boo" vs. Age

adult age change child jump karate Line Graph nothing old pants scared teen young - 2838234368
Created by bob8065

How Much I Enjoy Air Travel

age airplanes enjoyment flying Line Graph Travel - 6563113984
Via I Love Charts

Average person's conception of themself by age

age average cool ego feelings world - 2032514816
Created by usctrojanfan77

Time Spent Outside in the Snow by Age

age outside snow winter - 1451987200
Created by Unknown

actor age Bar Graph dead disney drugs famous hannah montana popularity stars TV - 3360554240

Bed Time vs. Age

age bed early late old time young - 2330868992
Created by rmayt

Feelings About Being Naked in the Mens Locker Room by Age

adults age au natural Bar Graph locker room men old teens young - 2682819840
Created by BrianM753

Yes, and Jail Is a Free Hotel

age creepy number Pie Chart - 4947420672
Created by nikelife_d

Age vs Tactfulness

adult age child elderly fat Line Graph loud small teen - 2816595968
Created by soul_grafitti

What you think you will be in the future, and where you actually end up

age drive thru future Line Graph president wal mart - 2690010112
Created by Unknown

Male Hair Distribution By Age

age ears hair head men - 1882665216
Created by bbaustin1

Believed Maturity of Cursing vs. Age

adults age children curse words cursing elderly old teens young - 2186368256
Created by way2odd

All Wool, All Year Long

age socks - 7947138304
Created by Unknown

Could you be a Failure?

age awesome failure Line Graph loser series - 4222577920
Created by jess

Attractiveness of Speedo vs. Age

age attractive old young - 2531205632
Created by Unknown
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