Vehicle I Expected To Have At Age 33

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Created by jsiegendorf

How scared you get when someone jumps out and says "Boo" vs. Age

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Created by bob8065

Where you can pee v. age

adult age baby house kid Line Graph pants pee road work - 2781637632

I'm a Real Adult

adult food kid pizza - 6628610304
Via I Love Charts

How fast you think you are going Vs. Actual speed.

adult Bar Graph elderly fast grandma speed - 3025563392
Created by Briguy

Being a Responsible Adult

adult bus alcohol after 12 g rated - 7772247040
Created by Unknown

Child's Estimate of Parents' IQ

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Created by fdes

Age vs Tactfulness

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Created by soul_grafitti

How much I care about ultimate frisbee

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Created by tseliot

Acceptance of Velcro Shoes by Age

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Created by Zotnix

Amount of makeup a female wears by age.

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Created by Unknown

Talking speeds

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Created by sm9sn1