And If You Act Now You Can Recieve Another Graph Free!!!

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Created by hobbitgirl96

Usually Startling, Whatever They Are

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Created by sstjohn3086

All Hail Your Browser History

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The 'Pre-Roll Video-Ad' Scramble

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Amounts of Snacks Eaten During Movies

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Time on Computer Spent

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Created by Jenky

Awkwardness Ensues

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Created by Happy5790

When my Youtube video stops to buffer

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Created by redrover9

I Don't Care About This Cellphone, Just Let Me Watch Cats!

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Created by DampSponge

Smear Tactics

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Created by publius

Things you notice from a Viagra commercial

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Created by Spensaur

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Chances I am the 999,999th visitor to a given website

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Created by GrZ

Taco Bell's 4th meal

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Created by SuperErin
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