Malcolm's Poor Mother

children TV - 5303868416
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How people know who Chuck Norris is

chuck norris infomercial jokes movies Pie Chart TV - 2554239744
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Chances of Marketing Phonecall vs Activity

eating marketing nothing phone calls poop sleeping telemarketer toilet TV watching - 2063004416
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So True

Line Graph simpsons TV - 6568268032
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Chance of commercial break inturupting a story on CNN

cnn commercials economy interesting news story swine flu TV war - 2169345280
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I Should Have Been a Doctor

best of week Pie Chart TV - 5846565376
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But Mom, "Giant Face-Eating Creatures Part 12" Is On!

good home leaving Pie Chart television TV - 5011621120
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How cool you are if you own a Snuggie

average awesome bar graphs cool real life snuggie TV weird - 2998015744
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Who's Watching TV

world TV - 7400811008
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What's on NBC

NBC news nothing Pie Chart TV - 2713466368
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I Always Keep a Flask of the Good Stuff in Case There Are Girls Around

alcohol big bang theory booze geek Pie Chart TV - 5799458048
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Things you notice from a Viagra commercial

ads commercials doctor medicine men sexual side effects TV - 1870652160
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An Episode of House

die episode hospital House MD TV - 2249428736
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Three Dimensional Bummer

cool 3d Bar Graph movies TV - 6958287872
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Things House M.D Has Taught Me

doctor TV disease House MD Pie Chart - 6907478528
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Likeliness of a TV remote working

Bar Graph channel TV - 6617565696
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