TV Shows Little Girls Watch

au natural beyoncé disney girls glee little people singers TV venn diagram - 2701247744
By sippycupofdoom

Your life according to Monty Python:

life TV - 6540079360
By B-Dasher

Sharing the TV between Math-based Diciplines

engineering macgyver math mythbusters numbers physics TV - 2050811136
By 626ish

actor age Bar Graph dead disney drugs famous hannah montana popularity stars TV - 3360554240

Things that happen on Mythbusters

blown up destroy myth mythbusters TV - 2011484928
By Bush_Baby

Malcolm's Poor Mother

children TV - 5303868416
Via Dan Meth

15 Things You Didn't Know About the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Meme of 15 fun facts about the show that you didn't know about, at least now all of them.
By Katie (Via TV Duck)

What I Do Not Want My Child to See

30s audience child children dialogue early funny hannah montana kids kissing laughs men not old Pie Chart say teenagers think TV venn diagram want women - 3226891520
By ddavis82991

Blood chance House MD Pie Chart test TV urine - 3359909376
By mustangjen


college dating Pie Chart studying TV university - 6595667200
By hmc1010

why people watch hockey

cold fighting games hockey ice skill sports TV watch - 2062755584
By Purple-Grrl

Jersey Shore's On!

marathon Pie Chart Sad TV - 5154491904
By Unknown

Walter's Muppet Infographic

disney infographic muppets TV - 6078790912
By Woble22345 (Via

But Mom, "Giant Face-Eating Creatures Part 12" Is On!

good home leaving Pie Chart television TV - 5011621120
By piggypeace

How people leave Dr Phil's show

talk shows TV - 1641845504
By lahru

Talking speeds

adult bar graphs children fast radio slow spanish speed talking teenage TV - 3165188352
By sm9sn1
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