college dating Pie Chart studying TV university - 6595667200
By hmc1010

Mythbusters Method

blown up mythbusters TV - 2553514240
By Unknown

What you do when the batteries for the TV remote die.

batteries channel die Pie Chart press TV work - 3189294848
By JasonBourne

So Many Channels and Nothing On

crappy home Pie Chart TV - 6356346880
By dlong913

Reported Success Putting Humpty-Dumpty Together Again

house story TV - 1473876224
By Cheezylol

cartoons characters evil gas green hot Pie Chart plankton SpongeBob SquarePants TV - 3526246912
By fishy933

Blood chance House MD Pie Chart test TV urine - 3359909376
By mustangjen

Wheel of Fortune

TV wheel of fortune - 1425507584
By Bengal_Tigger

Rejected Jeopardy Categories

Jeopardy gross TV Pie Chart - 6820338432
By markot9

Talking speeds

adult bar graphs children fast radio slow spanish speed talking teenage TV - 3165188352
By sm9sn1

Things the new Doctor Who have made me scared of

TV doctor who classic Pie Chart - 7029151488
By Draconaa

Consequences of Discovering a Superhero's Secret Identity

comics movies superhero TV - 1606320896
By kayqy

Uses of Circles

circles SpongeBob SquarePants TV Pie Chart - 6945431808
By Unknown

It's Complicated

TV doctor who story - 6983541504
Via @Hera_99

In Case You Were Wondering

TV Pie Chart - 6659093504
Via Parks and Plaid

The TV Volume Paradox

annoying Bar Graph csi dialogue game hockey important paradox plot shows TV volume weather - 3027970560
By Tipsy_the_Drunken_Fairy
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