How I Recognize English Actors/Actresses

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Created by Unknown

How people know who Chuck Norris is

chuck norris infomercial jokes movies Pie Chart TV - 2554239744
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Why we turn on the TV

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Created by memeboob

Things House M.D Has Taught Me

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What I Do Not Want My Child to See

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Created by ddavis82991

How Characters on a TV show get jobs

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Breaking Bad VS Sharks

breaking bad drugs shark week sharks TV vs - 6510444032
Created by S.P.A-Bits ( Via Bite )

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Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!

monty python TV - 6954142464
Created by MLGisNot4Me

The Volume On My Television

ears Line Graph sound TV volume - 6185497088
Created by Indomitus

So Many Channels and Nothing On

crappy home Pie Chart TV - 6356346880
Created by dlong913

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Created by andyman6

When I Understand a Scientific Concept.

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Created by riweb

People who hate Michael Phelps for his bong photo.

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Created by tylerss20


Pie Chart plankton SpongeBob SquarePants TV - 6446826240
Created by crazed3raser

Fast-forwarding with DVR

exit goal minutes Pie Chart press TV - 3191559936
Created by romesque
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