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Here's a Song I Wrote. It's Called 'Please Pay Attention to Me'

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By MattheJ1

The Cycle of Trying to Listen to Newly Discovered Music

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By Vadamerca

Mister Aladdin, Sir, Have a Wish or Two or Three

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Song Content on Kidz Bop

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By kszczepanowski

Things We Will Do

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Likelihood of a song starting on the radio that you actually want to hear.

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States the Red Hot Chili Peppers write songs about

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By elraulix

What rappers sell nowadays.

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By aaronundead

Near, Far, Wherever You Are

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By mousie77

Lady Gaga Formula

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By JerkyChid

A Yellow Submarine, A Yellow Submarine

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By TheDukeOfCheez

Tracks my iPod plays on shuffle

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By MetalJR

Never Gonna Give You Up

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