Big Bang Theory IRL

big bang theory college IRL physics Pie Chart truancy story - 5580059392
By FearRegret

Na Na Na Na, Bat Plot

batman graph IRL math - 5029239552
By maxystone (Via

Brown: Cereal I Actually Want

cereal food IRL Pie Chart - 4867775232
By TheNalrayes

Graph JAM

Bar Graph butter graph jam IRL jelly restaurant - 4130617088
By Unknown

All Day, Every Day

life IRL lazy - 7342307072
By Unknown

If You Were Really My Friend You'd Sing It

Pie Chart facebook IRL - 5371297024
By shineeful

IRL lol - 4019283456
By Spanter
post it graphs

This Guy's Post-It Note Graphs Illustrate Some of Life's Most 'Too Real' Moments

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Real Cartoon Ponies?

Bronies equestria IRL Pie Chart - 5901790976
By Hoopdog

Reload Save Point, Please?

frustrating IRL Pie Chart video games - 4701004288
By Evertide

Anyone But Cori

flow chart IRL - 4154764288
By Unknown

Likelihood Your Crush Will Say Yes

Bar Graph crush hollywood IRL movies - 6575585280
By biologial

Likely Outcomes of owning a real Lightsaber

classic Jedi IRL Pie Chart - 6650319360
By markot9

Happy Pi Day!

infographic IRL math pi pie Pie Chart - 4554149120
By Unknown

Breakdown of a Pack of Sour Skittles

candy chart art counting creative IRL numbers - 4558015488
By pcman1985

attractiveness girls internet IRL Pie Chart world of warcraft - 4561987328
By Unknown
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