Hey, YOU, How Are You?

Awkward forgetting names Pie Chart - 4926961664
By Pianosalmon

So Bloated

Awkward farts Pie Chart relationships - 5250996480
By reasonuser

Your Beautiful Eyes

Awkward food Pie Chart sexytimes thinking - 4915213568
By stugil

Fapping at My Chamber Door

Awkward college faptimes Pie Chart roommate - 5148152320
By Unknown

What Are You Planning to Do Next?

Awkward family Pie Chart questions - 5162888704
By GorgeousLadyDi

awesome Awkward Bar Graph container crap drink full hand junk food pringles snacks stuck - 3364292352
By jchausse

alcohol Awkward grocery store Pie Chart tampons - 4227102720
By SydBarrett

We Were Going to Be Life Partners

Awkward boyfriend Pie Chart - 5083290112
By Unknown

I Mustache You to Shave

Awkward beards college famous moustaches - 4888940544
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Awkward Bar Graph normal say silence stupidity - 3553264640
By amoabulla

Your Secret's Safe With Me

Awkward Bar Graph friendship is magic my little pony parents shame - 4701494016
By jiyuukage115

No, Mom, You Can't See My Facebook

Awkward internet parents Pie Chart - 4792446976
By Unknown

The Awkward Zone

Awkward fapping skype venn diagram zone - 6304126208
By Unknown

How Awkard Moments Work

Awkward change laugh Pie Chart work - 3140459264
By Edgey

Spit and Response

Awkward dentist Pie Chart teeth - 4712868096
By Unknown

Aren't Forced Conversations the Best?

Awkward family Pie Chart school - 5388646656
By alex6922
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