Go Cry Emo Kid

Professional Compliment Fisher

professional facebook ugly - 6761551616
By ahhdann

I am (GAAAAAAY) Batman

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By PetePete

Snooki the Wise

jersey shore snooki preggers - 6765419264
By mehatron

Its a definite possibility

yolo - 6758270208
By eddiefiv

Beautiful Sandwhiches

sandwich hipster edit beautiful - 6729590528
By Unknown


facebook - 6760681984
By Unknown

Forever Alone

forever alone single winner - 6760520192
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Cthulhu fhtagn

ocean sleeping hipster edit - 6753894400
By Fiorini

Guise I'm so deep

quotes famous deep - 6754915328
By VanillaStarfish


laziness store - 6760112384
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broken heart hipster edit - 6756569856
See all captions By wanuby

This All Could Have Been Avoided!

TV birth control condoms - 6752092160
By Unknown

Maybe Someday...

forever alone friends emo - 6760024576
By Unknown

Time for a drop and run

phone First World Problems - 6729919744
By nanwel86 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Instead of Active Peacefulness...

peace - 6747656448
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Very Funny

did you know Harry Potter voldemort nose - 6751810560
By Unknown