Funny text messages that'll keep you entertained. | oo Verizon LTE 03:44 1 11 Julianna 00 is not palindrome but is also hi Wait No uts not first one is Why are lying Wait need second Oh fuck Oh Jesus right Oh my god iMessage

24 Entertaining Text Messages That'll Crush Your Boredom

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Subtlety is His Specialty

school wtf texting dating - 8274050816

O Sry Bout Taht

insensitive oops texting - 8396979456

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Nice Trigh...

texting sexting - 8291741440

BRB, Crying

dating texting rejected - 8411876096

... Good for You?

wtf creepers texting sexting - 8433600000

I'm Quite the Provocateur

texting dating - 8431086336

Yeah Mom, Real Swell

parenting texting - 8285636864
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Awkward Tinder Exchanges & Amusing Bios

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I Tried

rejected texting dating - 8296189184

He'll Take Whoever

texting cringe - 8461963264
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Never Go Full Professor Oak


I Don't Want You


Wanna See?

wtf TMI texting - 8404444672

Some People Just Can't Take the Hint

wtf texting - 8399423488
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