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Funny posts on social media where people misspelled words in entertaining ways | if don't get 300 followers by end july quitting 530 likes P'm sick and tired this shit fuck Instagram algae rhythm whatever shit is called | There is just no winning this life accept feet. and 78 others 18 Comments Like Comment

Hilarious Times People Misspelled Words In The Cringiest Ways

Bone app the teeth.
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Funny posts on social media written by people who were clearly lying | SpongeBob O @SpongeBob GIF Uh realize never seen SpongeBob's backyard 68 27 165 1.543 Tweeti çevir SpongeBob Facts spongbo 8dk v SPONGEBOB FACT classic episode Naughty Nautical Neighbors, SpongeBob's backyard can clearly be seen might want delete this official SpongeBob account Uh GIF 22:55 28 Eyl 19 saatinde Spredfast app 27 15 133

Bold Times People Attempted To Get Away With Blatant BS

Shoulda put a little more thought into these lies!
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A Twitter thread about how ridiculously big Croatians' toothpaste containers are. | Tea @dreampai1 Wait, so telling places other than Croatia, y'all don't have toothpaste sold buckets didn't know this solely local thing

Twitter Thread: Croatians Don't Play Around With Their Toothpaste

Next level toothpaste game.
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Groupon social media guy has hilarious exchange with customers over the "Banana Bunker" food product on Facebook page.

Groupon's Hilarious Facebook Exchange With Customers Over "Banana Bunker" Product Will Make Your Day

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A collection of tweets about people's real life plot twists.

People's Real Life Plot Twists

Life loves keep us on our toes.
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Man manages to dodge a speeding ticket using fart spray | JJ @FiretheGm Soooo got pulled over this morning after leaving McDonald's.l already knew why he got speeding) but course gonna ask him why he stopped decided try my luck got fart spray as gag gift on xmas and decided try out

Man Dodges Speeding Ticket With Fart Spray

New life hack, maybe.
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