That Face Corroborates His Claim

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Cutting Straight to the Chase

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Like an Animal Shelter, But Douchier

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Protip: When Choosing a Profile Pic for OKCupid, Make Sure It Doesn't Involve Knives

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He's a Real Smooth Talker

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I'm Sick and Tired of Girls Manipulating Le Nice Guys Like Me

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I Would Be Your Friend Forever"

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The Friendzone Doesn't Discriminate, Not Even Against Le Charming Gentlesirs Like Me

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Looking for My Juggalette

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Well That Escalated Quickly!

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I'll Save the Day!

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Lolololololololol 69 Amirite?

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That's the Best Message?

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Via Kitmhairi

Gomenasai, Fair M'aidens

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Well, She's Technically Older Than Him. Technically...

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He's a Hot Commodity

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