Angry Karen Writes Facebook Letter Demanding An End To The 'Karen Crisis'

Well if this isn't the most ironic message exchange we've ever seen. One particularly angry Karen was so fed up with the "Karen" trope that she messaged the admin of the Facebook group No, KaReN to complain about how bigoted she felt the group was. Well, lucky for us the admin had quite the sense of humor and decided to indulge her frustrations. Let's just say, the whole thing is incredibly ironic and hilarious. 

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Funny Facebook messages between a "Karen" and the admin of a Facebook group that makes fun of "Karens" | Karen O on mobile Hello, my name is Karen messaging today due new trend going around referring demeaning term used degrade middle aged white women part feminist movement called months also doing story on my page about this, and free come look at get better educated on racism and 's effects on society as whole s recent
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