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99 iPhone 6s.
500,000 yuan.
82,000 dollars.

That's how much this stunt cost a young computer programmer from Guangzhou, China. 11/11 is Single's Day in China (because the four 1s represent loneliness), and so the man figured it was a perfect day to make sure he wouldn't be single for the rest of his life (or until the couple got tired of each other). He spent an equivalent of two years' salary on the iPhones, arranged them into a heart, and gathered all of his close friends and family to surround them for the proposal. Her answer? Lolnope. Soon after, photos of the failed proposal started to circulate on Chinese social networking site Weibo. And they say chivalry is dead!

Anyone want to buy an iPhone 6? I've got 99 of 'em! Mint condition!