I'm Going to Go With Option Four: None of Them

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It Was Supposed to Be a Place of Peace

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Look Out, Ladies...

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Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

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Being This Good Looking Can Be Lonely

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M'Landing Gear

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cringe neckbeard DM that will make you need to take a long shower

Cringey Neckbeard Creep Won't Stop with The Roleplay Asterisks

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Alright, Who Gave Him the Thesaurus This Time?

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Have You Ever Been This Edgy?

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The Swagopotamus

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Have You Ever Been This Edgy?


Do You Dare Enter?

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Gone Huntin'

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I'm Sick and Tired of Girls Manipulating Le Nice Guys Like Me

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If You Give a Man a Fedora, He'll Get Laid Instantly

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I Think You Meant to Say "Sagan Bless"

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