An Honest Mistake

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Taking a Picture From Your Friend's Facebook and Using It as Your Lock Screen: Never Not Creepy

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Rodney Nolf, Everybody!

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Thanks for Your Courage in Friending Me!

cringey, facebook, dad | Travis Fiaiuiare is with Samantha Fieleige January 1 at 7:46 PM o Happy New year 2019 Married Samantha Fi e January 1 | Travis Fiminigme Well we took a dna at the pig station and sammy aint my kid so who ever dont like it then hell dont talk to me and if that still dont work then hell ill start bashing head and i dont care who u rr think ur come mess with the bull youll get the horns 2w Like Reply Jason Evans Sr Travis Fiedge i wont judge. Goid luck to you travis.

Dude Creates Facebook Cringe Tsunami After Marrying His Daughter

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That Would Be Weird


Eight Years in the Friendzone

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Define "Making Sense"

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Wow Lady Gaga Ur So Deeep

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Real Smooth, Guy...

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Thanks, Mom...

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Aaaaand Now Green Feels Terrible

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She's a Master Filterer

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Wow Much Edgy, Very Intimidate

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Don't Worry, Mom's Got Your Back!

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