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He is Die

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funniest dad tweets of the week | Thumbnail Text - WTFDAD @daddydoubts I just sneezed and my kid shouted from his bedroom "bless you dad!" which is adorable. You know what else is adorable? GOING THE FUCK TO SLEEP 4:03 AM Nov 19, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 147 Retweets 17 Quote Tweets 1.7K Likes >

Funniest Dad Tweets Of The Week (November 24, 2020)

The funny dads of Twitter
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When Dads Wish You a Happy Birthday on Facebook

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dad joke style memes about being middile class fancy | stock photography unexpectedly run into friend Doug at place establishment Looks like theyll let anybody here lol Omiddleclassfancy | she finds out love Chili's drink crispy boys on reg, drive certified pre-owned Kia Optima, and earn clean 38k salary middledassfancy next thing knew pregnant kylie jenner

'Middle Class Fancy' Nuggets For All The Dads In Training

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Dad Pls

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C'mon Now, Pops...

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Dads, Amirite?

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