I Just Want to Have a Feliz Navidad

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Spoiler Alert of the Day: Woman Ruins Christmas for Australian Kids

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Protip: Never Break Up With Your Girlfriend Right Before Christmas

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This Holiday Parody Song is Like Coal For Your Ears

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Follow My Rainbow

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Get It Together, Steve

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garfield comics that help for Christmas

20 Comics That Prove Garfield Is Getting Ready For Christmas Too

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Good Ole Kris Cringe-le Has a Mishap

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Try the Potatoes, Yui-chan, They're Delicious!

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Guy tricks mall thieves with deceptive holiday gift | r/ProRevenge u/Hypetents Christmas gift Grandpa know guy has done this every year more than decade started some dick broke into cab his truck and stole Christmas gifts he had bought at Mall. If remember correctly, he had make two trips and some jerk saw him go back into store and busted his window long time ago am not positive details original event.

Man Baits Mall Thieves With Tricky Christmas Gift

Grandpa's so charitable.
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Dafuq Did I Just Watch?

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Entitled coworker gets humbled and learns lesson on Christmas Day. | r/ProRevenge u/MorganLeFatal 2y Join Merry Christmas quit. Quite few years ago moved into house with few my best friends. One my friends got job with her at local gas station within walking distance our house and thought pretty set with my new arrangement living with my best friends, able walk work and job should have been one easiest positions ever held is, until met my coworker Jane worked nights didn't get too many customers

Entitled Coworker Learns Lesson On Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, Jane.
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That Image Will Be Forever Burned in My Mind

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The San Jose Sharks Made a Ridiculously Awkward Christmas Rap Video

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M'erry Hitchmas

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Grumpy Cat is Getting a TV Movie on Lifetime This Holiday Season

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