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Author Thinks His Name Doesn't Show Up When He's Writing Positive Reviews of His Own Book

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Funny memes about literature, books, the office, shakespeare, macbeth | skipping steps on a staircase DRINKING POISON ROMEO WAITING LIKE FIVE MINUTES NOTICING JULIET (LOOKS VERY MUCH ALIVE CHECKING WITH FRIAR LAURENCE SEE IF JULIET'S ACTUALLY DEAD | lady macbeth: omg 's not big deal, just go there and murder duncan and stop whining like little girl macbeth: DUND like but need access uncrazy side

20+ Literary Memes For Avid Bookworms

Memes for those who prefer books to people.
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A Tumblr thread that appreciates Snoop Dogg. | dandy-boi-ftm Follow best part is fact out two them Martha Stewart one who went prison. shadowkat678 Follow Wait 2fngrsin Follow Wiiiild. He did commit murder self defense no judging) and America's Best Housewife sent jail because insider trading, securities fraud, obstruction justice and conspiracy. This is wiiild

Tumblr Thread: Honoring The Legend, Snoop Dogg

What a wild read, indeed.
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The Scrubby Edgelord's Guide to Writing Prompts

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