Art of Trolling


Choose Hampton Inn for Your Zombie Apocalypse Shelter

trolling memes zombies cant swim hotel sign
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Twilight a Zombie Movie?

movies facebook zombie twilight - 6945403392
By p03ss10n

Now They've Taken Over New York!

TV Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails zombie - 6289703168
By Dr.Fly (Via

Can Zombies Feel Burns?

phones zombie burn - 8176083200

They're here

video games Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails zombie - 6299943680
By Unknown
brazil trolltube zombie Subway Video - 69887489

One of the Worst Times to Encounter Zombies is When You're Stuck in a Subway Car

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Any Brain Will Do

brains zombie - 5303252224
By heilkitty


easter Hall of Fame jesus zombie - 3343572736
By Unknown
dentist siblings trolling zombie Video win - 79433473

The Perfect Opportunity to Convince Your Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse is After the Dentist

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norman reedus zombie The Walking Dead - 57720321

The One-Armed Guy With No Legs is Back for Another Zombie Prank. His Victim This Time? Norman Reedus.

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door exit IRL Left 4 Dead Office video games zombie - 4651879680
By Unknown

Kiddo's Got Rage

baby bite Yahoo Answer Fails zombie - 5693767936
By yahooanswered

Zombies, Run!

Via The Royal Stampede

Perhaps to Fight Zombies?

Cleverbot liar plants zombie - 4307059456
By Unknown
halloween zombie prank Video - 75186177

These Creeps Got More Than They Bargained for When They Ogled This Girl and Her Visible Underpants

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Don't Forget the Double Tap

iphone siri zombie - 6201545728
By TheRealDogmaJones
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